I have been in private practice for more than 25 years, and currently practice in Laguna Beach, CA.  My office is located in a retreat like setting that is quiet and close to nature.  There is a labyrinth for mindful walking and places to sit to take in the beauty of spacious views. The setting itself encourages a calming and slowing down response. Additionally, my GoldenDoodle dog, Roy (pictured on the Home Page in this website) who is hypo-allergenic and trained as both a  Service dog and a Therapy dog, contributes to the therapeutic setting.

It’s been said that often, when we embark on a quest, we think that we may be coming to ‘get something,’ when in actuality, we are coming to ‘drop and release something.’  In my individual work with people, I aim to provide both a physical and emotional environment that feels safe and nurturing to stop, pause, listen, and explore.

My practice is informed by a variety of influences, including (but not limited to) a contemporary and relational psychoanalytic and psychodynamic perspective; my work as an artist and fine art photographer; and a mindfulness based meditation practice.  Given these influences, my work embraces both the world of the psyche as well as the larger world of social and existential issues and inquires.  I think of it as an exploration and integration of ‘how the inside gets out; and the outside gets in,’ such that we can carry more ease, authenticity, and freedom from unnecessary suffering.

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