Guided Meditations

These meditations are out of several classes & groups that I lead - for more information or inquiry, please contact me here.

Intro To Meditation

Introducing Mindful Meditation 

Duration: 7 minutes approx.

This short guided meditation provides an experiential glimpse of what it means to be mindful…moment by moment.


Anchoring The Body

Duration: 10 minutes approx.

This short guided meditation shows how to anchor the body, breath, and mind to allow for growing present time awareness.



Duration: 14 minutes approx.

Learning to PAUSE is the gateway to Mindfulness.  This short meditation helps us to practice PAUSING so as to feel our breath and experience the ever changing moment so as to have access to more choices in how we respond to what’s here.


Arriving Here

Duration: 15 minutes approx.

Often, in our busy lives, we are distracted and focused on arriving ‘there.’ This short meditation helps us to arrive HERE, now, in the present moment.


Metta to all that is Arising

Duration: 12 minutes approx.

This short meditation facilitates a kind responsiveness to what is present with less resistance and more receptivity to allow the knowing of impermanence and the passing of a difficult emotion.


Mindful Self-Compassion

Self Compassion Break

Duration: 12 min approx

This exercise, the ‘Self Compassion Break,’  is an essential component in the Mindful Self Compassion Program.   It is a very portable exercise, that can be used in daily life when difficult moments arise.  Essentially, it focuses on transforming the suffering encountered with difficulty into an opportunity for self-awareness and self-soothing.


Mindful Self-Compassion - Affectionate Breathing

Duration: 15 min approx.

This 15 minute guided meditation gently focuses our attention on the breath, along with a soothing touch (e.g. hand on the heart) to help bring loving awareness and warmth to our moment to moment experience.


Mindful Self Compassion-Loving Kindness for Ourselves

Duration: 20 min approx.

This guided meditation trains the mind and builds our skills to be more loving and compassionate.  This meditation uses words, phrases, and language as the primary object of meditation.  Its aim is to cultivate good intentions which develop into positive internal conversations, good moods, and wise actions.


Mindful Self Compassion-Giving & Receiving Compassion:

Duration: 20 min approx.

This guided meditation, one of the core meditations in the Mindful Self Compassion Program, is also referred to as ‘One for Me.  One for You’.

The practice builds upon loving kindness meditation by layering compassionate words or images onto the breath as we breathe for self and others.  It is a useful exercise aimed at cultivating presence, rather than relying on words for contact and connection.


Cultivating Compassion (Soften, Soothe, Allow)

Cultivating the struggles of our own heart is cultivating the heart of love. This 30 minute guided mediation takes us down the slopes & dimensions of our own heart & shows how kindness & compassion is the best protection.

Duration: 24 min aprox


Being With What Is

This 30 min guided mediation, taken from Mindful Self Compassion practices, is an invitation to bring compassionate empathy to whatever is present. When we can befriend difficulties & resistances, we can better enter the unknown & learn to self-soothe & soften our response. Rather than by-pass or avoid, this practice cultivates steps towards transformation.

Duration: 28 min approx.


Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness Meditation

Duration: 20 minutes approx.

This longer guided meditation on loving-kindness fosters connection with feelings of friendliness, warmth, good will, and caring.  This is a particular practice of repeating phrases that carry these wishes for ourselves and for all of those whose lives we touch.

Mindful awareness is really mindful compassion. Essentially, the practice is about whatever assists us to stay present with kindness rather than with expectation or judgment.


Process of Forgiveness Guided Meditation

Duration: 22 min aprox

The practice of forgiveness is a practice of compassion because if facilitates coming into a new relationship with suffering. With the practice of forgiveness, we grow in our capacity to accept what has happened. Forgiveness is not about condoning, it is about moving forward. 

The forgiveness process is directed in 3 ways: towards oneself; asking forgiveness from others; offering forgiveness to others. Essentially, this meditation is an experiment in widening our capacity for growing freedom.



Soft Belly Meditation

Duration: 8 minutes approx.

This short meditation allows the body, and especially the belly to soften, soothe, and allow the coming and going of tight sensations to facilitate growing ease throughout the body and mind.


Mountain Meditation

Duration: 10 minutes approx.

This short meditation facilitates a grounded presence in the midst of life’s swirls and unpredictable moments.


Equanimity Guided Meditation

Duration: 35 min aprox

This guided meditation focuses on balancing ourselves in the face of upheaval, groundlessness, swirls of uncertainty and change.  Finding this balance is a factor of awakening and how wisdom is expressed.  We are better able to see what lies beyond what’s happened in the moment and just how much we don’t know.  We cultivate a bigger sense of things and learn how to keep calmly knowing change.


Cultivating Compassion Guided Meditation

Duration: 25 min aprox

This guided meditation focuses on the felt experience (rather than the conceptual) of compassion.


Qualities of the Wise Heart

Finding Refuge In The 10 Paramis

Duration: 40 min aprox

Often the Paramis/ Paramitas are referred to as the perfections or treasures of the heart. This guided meditation takes on on a journey of making contact with the 10 Treasures of a Wise Heart, that of generosity, safety, letting go, wisdom, courage, patience, honesty, resolve, kindness, and balance.