Cuba, Ecuador & Panama


Havana Trumpet Player

Cuban musicians play their instruments freely on the street, both alone and in groups. This trumpet player and I made a visual connection as he brought his music to the Havana streets.


The Miracle:  Havana

The colors and charm of this coffee vendor’s place of business spoke to me from a street in Havana, Cuba. I did not realize until later that, La Milagrosa – The Miracle was not only in reference to the coffee, but the painting of the Crucification located in the booth.  Such a visible display of religiosity most likely would not have been possible under the dictatorship of Fidel.  The booth speaks to an earlier time in history, yet its religious overtones speak to a time post-Fidel, with greater freedoms for self expression.



Kuna Tribal Woman


This Kuna Tribal Woman lives on an island in Panama that used to be called the San Blas Islands.  She is an elder who wears the traditional costume, including a mola blouse, a red & yellow head scarf, arm and leg beads, and a gold nose ring.

As I photographed her, she felt very comfortable in her own skin and proud of her heritage.


Ecuador: Waorani  Tribal People


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