In a recent trip to Kenya, I met Jackson, a staff person at a Safari Camp, and Masai Warrior who embodied warmth and receptivity.
Jackson shared glimpses of his life story: leaving home at an early age; living in the bush with other young boys; killing a lion (with the assistance of his peers); and learning the WAY of the bush.
I learned that the ‘Way’ of the bush was learning to live life more SLOWLY…to really SEE what is here; to LISTEN to sounds; to SMELL what is present and be receptive to the TASTE of potential herbs and food sources; to FEEL and connect to one’s body…to care for oneself and others too.
‘When we can learn the Way,’ he said, ‘then it all boils down to ‘Sawa…Sawa’…another Swahili phrase that means ‘it’s okay…no matter what, it’s really okay.’