Community Seminars


For close to a decade, I have been the Area Chair for the Orange County Chapter of the American Association for Clinical Social Work in Psychoanalysis .

Our Orange County Chapter generally offers both a Spring and Fall seminar to psychoanalytically oriented clinicians in our Area. Our seminars, which generally include somewhere between 15-25 people, meet in the home of one of our committee members and offer refreshments. We have found that this format allows for an informal and reflective experience with colleagues around more personal themes that pertain to ways that we think and work.

Recently, we offered more of a Macro oriented Seminar pertaining to a Social Justice theme, Criminalization of the Mentally Ill:  A Way Out. The Seminar was co-sponsored by the USC School of Social Work.  This event attracted more than 50 participants, many from varied backgrounds, including social justice, sociology, law, and other mental health fields. An interview about this Event that was recorded on KX93.5 FM can be found here.

If you are interested in receiving notices about upcoming seminars, please contact me here.