Beach Sits

Thanksgiving Beach Sit!

What a wonderful way to come home to ourselves with giving and receiving gratitude while in the company of ocean waves and our own felt experience with each other at the beach!

Gratitude includes giving to yourself and becomes wise when the intention includes the welfare of both yourself and others. 

Looking forward in all of the comings and goings of this ever-changing time to practice OUTSIDE this Sunday.  If you are unable to make it, there will be other opportunities each month for the remainder of 2022 and into 2023. 

In the past, we have met as a group inside the gazebo, near Las Brisas restaurant (located at 361 Cliff Drive in Laguna Beach) and walk down to the beach together as a group.  Depending when you arrive, you can also take the walkway down to the beach just below Las Brisas and look for us on the beach the NORTH end of Main Beach.  

Please RSVP and let me know if you are planning to attend (just bring a beach chair or blanket, adequate clothing for comfort, and sun hat).  The sound of the waves is like a sound bath and provide a wonderful anchoring for allowing things to come and go.  

As we surf the waves of change,  may your practice and connection with our Laguna Beach Community Insight Meditation Sangha deepen and bring you increasing benefit, not only for yourself, but for those you love; those you find difficult; and those unknown to you.  May our practice hold merit for EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE.

May all beings care for themselves happily and support the well-being of our planet & each other.
May your generosity & practice of gratitude blossom in joy.

So looking forward to being together soon...especially during this holiday of recognizing & expressing gratitude!

Love, Karen


"Our practice of mindful awareness reveals the natural process of life itself: how every experience is born, has its existence, and vanishes. If only we could remember how fleeting life is, how precious and intimately connected all our lives really are. Imagine the world that could be ours if all parents were given the compassion and courage to be accountable to each other and their children — to understand the parts they play in this dance — and to forgive themselves and their children for being who they are and for dancing the way they do!  We’d live in a world of infinite tenderness.”      Trudy Goodman, 2012