In entering any book, we connect to the presence that guides and animates the words and thoughts layered into the text, its illustrations and photographs; the spirit of the author. Here, in this beautiful book by Karen K. Redding, we are touched by love.  More than anything, love in all its humble and eloquent incarnations, all the heart forms of its wisdom and beauty, is the spirit lavished on us as we read. Embarking on the journey of this book, gazing into the pictures, encountering the purity of the empathy and the depth and sapience in the messages, I could feel my own heart opening up to the world in a new, yet ancient way; the way of generosity, compassion and love. Ten Ways to Awaken the Wise Heart is an invitation to experience the world anew, to seek and find with the author the magnificent and universal love that is core to the human spirit, yours, mine, and everyone’s.

Julie Brickman
Two Deserts; The Galapagos Story; What Birds Can Only Whisper

Ten Ways to Awaken the Wise Heart: A Photographic Journey is a collection of striking images captured by photographer, psychotherapist,  and dharma teacher Karen Redding during her extensive travels around the world.    The images in the book, each stunning in its own right, is accompanied by prose which invites the viewer to contemplate the ten essential qualities of a Wise Heart.

Beyond being a book of gorgeous photographs,   the images in Ten Ways To Awaken The Wise Heart  are interwoven with commentary which is deep, accessible, and insightful.  Taken together,  they invite and beguile the viewer inward to inquire into the foundations of what it means to live in the world with an open and wise heart. 

This book is the epitome of ART:  it both shares beauty and enlightens us with ideas which serve to connect the reader with the depth of the artist’s vision and her inner world.

Marjorie Shulman, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist / Psychoanalyst, Author
Mindfulness-Informed Relational Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis: Inquiring Deeply   

I have been a “fan” of Karen’s photography for many years (not to mention her depth of knowledge and style of teaching the buddhist philosophies and mindfulness meditation).

I was lucky enough to see the photos printed large and beautifully framed that are going to be in her upcoming book “Ten Ways to Awaken the Wise Heart” and was really transported by each image. They are timeless in the way they capture the essence of each place and face that could as easily have existed a thousand years ago as it does today.

Her photos are infused with the spirit of being fully present and immersed in her environment and you get the deep sense of patience and calm as the artist awaits the perfect moment to capture for all of us to share.
Lori Kahn
Owner, Teacher
OM Laguna Beach

I love this book, especially its story telling and the way it pulls me into each image. As a teacher, I can see using it as a resource because it really brings the teachings to life. In this day and age where we are stimulated by so many things, it is refreshing to be brought back to the essence of what it is to be human and the benefits of wholesome interaction with one another.

Cayce Howe
Senior Teacher
Insight LA, Long Beach, CA

Karen provided a wonderful evening to our Redondo Beach Sangha with weaving her photography and insights into dharma themes so that we could make contact with that heart quality inside ourselves. I want to extend my appreciation to Karen’s teachings and her skillful way of showing us how to weave wisdom teachings into our psyche.  I feel that our community want to hear more from her and search for that quality inside.

Ali Hedayat
South Bay, CA

Through her stunning photographs and narrative Karen takes us on a journey into the heart of Buddhist teachings. Through imagery and word, she makes these ancient practices of the  dharma and mindful inquiry relevant and accessible to all.
Wendy Block
Senior Teacher
Insight LA, Long Beach, CA


The COVID pandemic has taken away the idea of “business as usual.”  There is nothing to get back to as we all try to look ahead – feeling absence more than presence, and burdened by sad weary hearts near and far. In my recent journey, I am trusting, while not knowing where I’m being taken, to a glimpse of a book: Ten Ways to Awaken the Wise Heart: A Photographic Journey.
Then I make out the name of the author - a colleague I’ve known for almost two decades, Karen Redding, Ph.D. Remembering that I’ve always considered her to be a woman of substance, I was excited to look further into discovering the meaning of the title of her book. I was captured by the splendid 2 page image holding the table of contents - a list of words which spoke directly to my heart.  As I read them: generosity, safety & protection, releasing, wisdom, courage, patience, honesty, resolve, kindness, balance, my heart felt wiser!
“I am here now” I whispered to myself. As I began to turn the pages, the photo images gave me an enlivened sense of being--here now--in a heart journey with the author. I urge you to experience for yourself the deep humanity this book represents...it holds a wise heart. I am moved along in my journey by the telling and showing of authentic spiritual substance. I am thrilled to share this planet we all inhabit, with a renewed sense of love and compassion. Thanks to all concerned for this amazing volume!
Marilyn H Palasky, Ph.D.
Las Vegas, NV


Karen Redding, Ph.D.

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