My Appreciation for Colin Bristow

Becoming more acquainted with a Himba Tribal Woman in Namibia, Africa…beginning to enter

HER world…

These photographs were taken by a skilled world traveler, eco-tour guide, pilot, and photographer, Colin Bristow.   My family had the good fortune of securing Colin’s services as a professional guide to see the beauty and grandeur of Namibia in August, 2006.  It was to be our very 1st up-close encounter with Indigenous people.  Colin’s passion for wildlife, photography, archaeology, and tribal cultures infused us with a wish to enter the deeper indigenous experience from this point onward.  It recently came to my attention that Colin passed away on March 13, 2013 at 53 years of age following a diagnosis and treatment for Stage 4 GBM (brain tumor).  It is with deep gratitude that I acknowledge his passing and influence on my family’s life and travels, now and always.

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