Love Letters pt. 2

The Gallery at the Susi Q, located at the Laguna Beach Community and Senior Center recently extended a ‘Call for Artists’ to submit a piece of artwork with a love letter attached to it that expresses a sentiment or experience of love in its many facets.

I selected this photograph, taken in the Amazonian Rainforest in Ecuador of a Chief from the Waorani Tribe. My family and I had traveled there in 2016 and spent several days in an eco-lodge among the tribal people. We had the opportunity to witness and take part in some of their customs. In this photograph, the Chief had used a leaf from the banana tree to act as a
whistle in locating monkeys up in the trees for a hunt.

As a tribute to this experience and all Indigenous People everywhere, I wrote this ‘love letter’:

Please forgive us for all of the ways that we have harmed you…betrayed you…marginalized you.

Please bear with us as we WAKE UP to the growing realization that the native people’s story in the United States is part of the Nation’s collective story.

Please know that a growing number of Americans are recognizing the undercurrents of racism and the contradiction within our Declaration of Independence that contains the phrase that ‘all men are created equal’ as well as a reference to ‘merciless Indian savages.’

Please accept our growing awareness of the struggles and tragedies that you have endured and the contributions that you have made.

May love grow from the pain that is shared and recognized and its capacity to heal wounds and open minds and hearts.

-Karen K Redding-

Please feel free to attend an Artist Reception on Friday, Jan. 26 th from 5-6:30 PM at the Gallery, located at 380 Third Street, Laguna Beach. The Show will run until February 23 rd .

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