Thinking of a one-of-a-kind holiday gift that is both beautiful and timeless?

Ten Ways to Awaken the Wise Heart: A Photographic Journey is a 120 page hard-bound book of illuminating fine art photographs, taken from around the world with thought-provoking prose that stirs the inner world of one’s own heart.

Ten Ways to Awaken the Wise Heart is an adaptation from a Buddhist teaching which depict the 10 Perfections of the Heart. These 10 illustrated qualities of generosity, safety, letting go, wisdom, courage, patience, honesty, resolve, kindness, and balance offer a compelling invitation to experience the world anew, to seek and find with the author a universal love that is core to the human spirit.

Foreword by Jack Kornfield & Trudy Goodman. This book is an inspiring and enduring gift for anyone and everyone that rests like a piece of art on any coffee table or wherever it is placed.

Hardcover; 120 pages, $95.

Additionally, another gift idea is a box of fine art giclee print cards, suitable for framing, taken from the book, Ten Ways to Awaken the Wise Heart: A Photographic Journey. 

A box of assorted 4 cards, individually wrapped in cellophane, sells for $30 (plus shipping); and a box of 10 assorted cards sells for $75 (plus shipping).  Consider giving the cards individually or as a box with different images. 

Individual prints from the book, Ten Ways to Awaken the Wise Heart: A Photographic Journey are also available for purchase and vary in size and cost. For more information, contact me here.