A Gift of the Season and Beyond: Day Long Retreat

A Gift of the Season and Beyond: Day Long Retreat

DECEMBER 6, 2019


2020:  Planting Seeds for the New Year:  Cultivating Wise Intention  
A Day Long Retreat to Embrace Ourselves, Just As We Are & Becoming

With Karen K Redding & our Laguna Beach Community Insight Meditation Group
Saturday, January 11, 2020
10 AM – 4:00 PM

North Laguna Beach
Cost: $95 (sliding fee available…please contact me)

Intention is the ground from which presence grows.  Intention sets a tone for Wise Actions, which creates causes and conditions for our life, moment to moment.  
Do we intend to… be more present?  To…live from kindness & compassion?  To…be more awake & self-accepting? 
What EXACTLY are we practicing?  Can we put a word/ words to that & learn to embody it?
Let’s start the New Year together & create conditions for both silence and a relational ground of GOOD WILL to arise and become actualized, both individually and collectively.  

Through noble silence, we will be guided through a variety of meditations aimed at both settling and brightening the mind.  Our practice will include a variety of Sitting, and Walking Meditations with dharma wisdom and poetic inspiration.   
The value of retreat time for quieting the mind and steadying the heart is emphasized again & again in the teachings of the Dhammapada:  ‘…Better than one hundred years lived with an unsettled mind, devoid of insight, is ONE day lived with insight and absorbed in meditation.’

You can reserve a spot for yourself, a friend, or a loved one,by sending a check to:   545 Poplar Street, Laguna Beach, CA  92651 or by using VENMO and doing a direct deposit to:  @Karen-Redding-4  (My photo is there for identification).
Please feel free to e-mail me at kredding@mac.com or call me at 949-715-7007 should you have any additional questions.

Wishing you joy and loving connections during this holiday season! 

Love, Karen

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